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Phillipa Walters Bursary Award

Brian Walters has lived in Katherine for many years and is a past member (now honourary member) of the Rotary Club of Katherine. When Philippa died of cancer, Brian established the Phillipa Walters Bursary. Philippa wanted to help young people get to University, but she knew that studying at University was expensive. Brian donated some money to the Rotary Club of Katherine and every year, the club raises funds through community events in order to give $3000 to the bursary recipient. A huge vote of thanks goes to a local family who have donated $15,000 to the Phillipa Walters Bursary Award in 2019 - this will cover the cost of the Bursary for the next 5 years.

Previous recipients

Previous recipients in the last few years have included Alan Bennet; Alex Barker; Alex Elem; Jorjilou Reyes; Katelyn Talbot; Muriel Sholz and Anesu Jeche.

Anesu at Harvey Norman Jul 2020.jpg
Muriel 2017.jpeg

Jorjilou Reyes, Rotarians and family 2016

Ritary PWA Alex Barker.jpeg
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