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This page desribes the projects our Rotarians are involved in

John Leo helps Nepal

Every year John Leo (founder of PowerProjects) goes to Nepal to donate his time and funds to improve the life of Nepalese people. For the past few years he has been visiting a poor community in the mountains. The aim is to build a TAFE college. The pictures  show the existing classroom, the site of the future TAFE college and  a diagram of what it might look like.

In 2015 John took some of his employees from PowerProjects to the project.

More news when it becomes available

Rotarians raise money for the devasting April 2015 earthquake

Nepal woman e quake.PNG

We had a fundraising and we managed to collect $9600 from Rotarians, Friends of Rotary and the Katherine community, This was sent to the Rotary Club of Nepal and helped alleviate the suffering of some of the communities. The victims of the disaster had nothing and the help that they received included the following. You can see one of the victims with the aid that she received.


To alleviate the shortage of houses they throw new houses together with earth bags. This is a fascinating building method and today they are calling for volunteers. See below for links.

earthquake kit.jpeg
Build abroad.jpeg

The Earthbag Nepal Program helps rebuild and educate the local community (as well as volunteers) on the benefits of building with earthbag technology over traditional mud or clay construction. Volunteers will take part in a building workshop before starting on their construction site, where they will be building alongside an English speaking supervisor and local village labor. Volunteers will stay with a local family who all live in modest village homes. In some cases, volunteers will actually sleep in tents. Youtube about building with earth bags.

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