Katherine Rotary Computer Club

Help us establish the Katherine Rotary Computer Club

The Rotary Club of Katherine is establishing the Katherine Rotary Computer Club in order to help people became more proficient with technology.  We have received positive support from a cross section of the Katherine community, If you think this is a good idea please give us a thumbs up by filling in the form below. This will help us to attract funding.

We need people who want to learn new skills and people who would like to volunteer their time to teach.

The KRCC hopes to offer one-on-one and/or group training workshops in the daytime, weekends or evening depending on demand. We may able to help with transport for people who can't get to the training. We are hoping to offer course t no charge to members and just a small cost to non-members.

We already have some highly motivated people who will be our digital mentors willing to help others to learn.

We have a full day digital mentor workshop on July 26 at

the Rotary Park presented by Ursula Lyons of SWADENT.

On Monday we will be open to help people undersrand how

to use their devices. Feel free to drop in, have chat and a cuppa

It is only with YOUR support that this can happen.

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Expression of interest or support

With our computer club we will teach each other. We plan on running workshops, tutorials, presentations and displays that cover:

  • which computer should I buy?

  • desktop, laptop or tablet?

  • buying and setting up a computer

  • flash, thumb or usb drives

  • backing up and hard drives

  • Android basics

  • getting online

  • family history online resources

  • using email

  • iPad basics

  • surfing the web

  • organising files

  • games and how to play

  • editing photos

  • digital camera basics

  • digitising old photos

  • what is streaming?

  • downloading movies

  • make your own movie

  • learn simple word processing

  • the power of databases

  • making sense of numbers in MS Excel

  • the power of MS PowerPoint

  • what is freeware?

  • videoconferencing

  • Windows 7, 18 &10

  • absolute basics Mac

  • Mac and the iCloud

  • social networking Facebook

  • social networking Twitter

  • social networking Instagram

  • messaging

Postal address: Rotary Club of Katherine, PO Box 564, Katherine, NT 0851