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Our grateful thanks to Charles Darwin University who donated 6 laptops to our computer club. Full story will come this week

CDU donates laptops.HEIC

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20 July 2020


20 August 2020

Rotary Computer Club


Members of the first sessions of the Computer Club

L-R Julie; Norma; Colin; Barbara; Chris; Andrew; Lori; Yvonne

The Rotary Club of Katherine has established the Katherine  Rotary Computer Club in order to help people became more proficient with technology.  We have received positive support from a cross-section of the Katherine community - and we are grateful to our sponsors - see below.

Rotary Clubs do what they can to raise money for their community and for needy causes in other places.  Our Rotary Club has a lot of teachers and educators so that is where our strength lies.

We see this as a service to anyone who wants to learn the new  all-embracing digital technology skills that in today’s world we just can’t be without -  particularly our seniors.

So if you want to know which type of computer suits your requirement, or you have mobile and/or tablet but can’t utilise some of the amazing resources or apps, or even if you have a computer and need help using it… we are here for you.

The training room is being renovated.  Grateful thanks to James Dixon; Jeremy Dixon and Margie Zoetelief for ripping out the old kitchen and benches, cleaning and painting the walls. Massive thanks to 1Set Building and Talias Painting for cleaning and painting the ceiling/roof at no cost. And Custom Cabinets have put in a new kitchen at no cost. Benash have rewired the building.

This has also been made possible by the generosity of the patrons of Katherine Speedway who have bought our steak and sausage sandwiches at 5 race neetings in 2020

Charles Darwin University had offered us 10 laptops that were no longer required.

Our local community are so supportive!

Want to join?  Need to learn to do something? Let us know what you need and we can plan for the training. Training sessions are free to members; $20 for non-members. It’s easy to join – download our online joining form, or write to Chris at PO Box 1939, Katherine, NT 0851. Contact details at the top of this page

The KRCC can offer one-on-one and/or group training workshops. We may able to help with transport for people who can't get to the training. We are also looking at the option of bringing the training to you. Membership is $10 a year. 1 day courses for members are free. 1 day courses for non-members are $20 per person.  Click the PDF icon to download a membership form.

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Upcoming workshops:


Getting to know BeConnected

Monday 5 October 10am - 2pm Don't rely on just what you can learn here at the face to face club meeting - there are a host of online courses available through BeConnected - and all of our members are members of this online platform. We will show you how to join and log in to these really useful courses.

Introduction to online family history

Monday 31 September  10am - 2pm Learn how you can build your family tree, travel to places far and wide without leaving your chair, and how to create your very own blog to share your experiences and knowledge.

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Transforming the training space


James, Jeremy & Margie ripped out the  rotten kitchen cabinets and bars, cleaned and filled the walls


Jeremy & Margie painted the walls


1Set Building & Talia Painting cleaned and painted the ceiling


We are very grateful to Katherine Town Council for the donation of three computer towers (i5s)  running Windows 10.  These are our first computers.   Towers are no good without screens, and Coffey, the company that did a lot of work out at RAAF Tindal, donated 7 monitors.  Now we are on the lookout for some keyboards and mice. Then we will be able to offer further training opportunities.

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