Katherine Computer Club

Help us establish the Katherine Computer Club

The Rotary Club of Katherine have kindly offered us their conference room and some funding to enable us to get started. We now need to have some symbol of support from the Katherine community. If you think that this is a good idea, please fill in the simple form below and send it to the secretary of the Katherine Computer Club at kathcompclub@gmail.com.

It is only with YOUR support that this can happen.

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Expression of interest or support

With our computer club we will teach each other. We plan on running workshops, tutorials, presentations and displays that cover:

  • desktop, laptop or tablet

  • buying and setting up a computer

  • flash, thumb or usb drives

  • backing up and hard drives

  • getting online

  • using email

  • surfing the web

  • organising files

  • games and how to play

  • editing photos

  • what is streaming?

  • downloading movies

  • make your own movie

  • learn simple word processing

  • the power of databases

  • making sense of numbers in excel

  • the power of Powerpoint

  • what is freeware?

  • videoconferencing

Postal address: Rotary Club of Katherine, PO Box 564, Katherine, NT 0851