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Lendlease to the rescue


On the edge of town there is a small community treasure that took many volunteers many hours to build…. many years ago.  The Rotary Family Fun Park is located adjacent to Clyde Fenton pre-school and has been the site of many events, birthday parties and gatherings.  The Park has an 18 hole putt-putt golf course, giant snakes and ladders, giant chess, a kids fort and pirate ship, BBQ facilities and an outside covered area where parents can sit while their kids play. We have pedal cars donated by generous businesses and people around town.  The site also boasts an air conditioned kiosk that can be used as a conference/ meeting centre. It even has a workshop area that could be utilised for a men’s shed.



Over the past few years the Park has lost its glory, huge overgrown trees choked part of the park, the water reticulation was broken, junk had accumulated and and everything else looked neglected ….. this was until the annual Lendlease Community Day.
















Lendlease Community Day is a chance to be part of something greater, a small effort that means a lot to the community.


Lendlease’s annual Community Day is an opportunity for all Lendlease employees globally to work alongside their colleagues, community partners, family and suppliers on a project identified as important to the community.

It’s one of Lendlease Foundation’s most popular programs with over 5,000 people from around the world taking part on more than 350 projects every year.

Since Community Day began in 1996 Lendlease have volunteered well over 600,000 hours or the  equivalent of 68 years worth of help. As a group Lendlease are proud of the great work done to date.

Lendlease have helped support people struggling with homelessness, aided disaster recovery efforts, renovated buildings for those in need, restored important green spaces and assisted children with special needs.

Lendlease showed their terrific values during this amazing project, Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence and Trust… Well Done!


The volunteers helped out over 2 days at the Rotary Family Fun Park including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, it professionals, clerical staff and a whole host of other skilled people. There were tippers donated for the day and they were in constant use ferrying leaves, branches, tree trunks and metal from the Park to the tip.

Electricians repaired and replaced all the light fittings and switches; plumbers fixed the toilet block and the water reticulation and everyone else grabbed rake and/or paintbrush to transform the rusting steel to an eye catching green and white and removed years of piled up leaves.

The Rotary Club of Katherine is extremely grateful to all the volunteers  who gave up their time to transform the Park.

Rotary Club of Katherine thanks these Community Day Volunteers

Meg Ward
Alicia Robinson
Andrew Taylor
Andy Dunne
Asha Uhrig
Brett Kugler
Caspar Thompson
David Moloney
Greg Tandy
Jordan Glover
Kris Bitz
Mark Shackel
Mitchell Dwyer
Rebecca Kugler
Reece Elliot
Robert Walmsley
Theo Toribio
Lexie Lewington
Tim Lightfoot
Daniel Brady
Sarah Dunne
Tom Wilson
Amanda Smith
Grant Cossart
Jordan Lowth
Mandy Bell
Matt Brennan
Matthew Chung
Neroli Dickens
Nigel Perger
Sam Stevenson
Matthew Sayer
Jesi Hill
Kevin Davies
Gareth Cullen
Alex Mohr
Jeffery Hanson
Garry Johnson
Zachary Govan
Ben Conlon
Paul Brazel
Carl Cairns
Alex Darcy
Leonard Brown
Damien Hubble
Lloyd Bretag
Jens Ambjerg-Pedersen
Dominik Kurt-Werner
Peter Wasley
Scott Bax
Greg Clarke
Jared Duncan
Cody Johnston-Gross
Hamish Weston
Hy-Tech Industries (Northern Territory) Pty Ltd
Security & Technology Services (NT) Pty Ltd
Mitcon Projects
Rusca Bros Services Pty Ltd
Southern Cross Electrical Engineering Limited
Katherine Tree Maintenance
Christopher Contracting
Australian Airconditioning & Mechanical Services
Kathy Moloney

Power Projects

Dave “Tommo” Thomson

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