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Triple000 Show

The Katherine Triple000 Show was a huge success and was held 4 times over 10 years. It was also very costly in manpower, particularly for the organisers Christine Sutherland and Donna Bryant. However because of their valiant efforts we raised over $100,000 for community projects. 

All the shows were outstandingly successful. The tickets for each show sold out within hours and the acts by local people (mostly from the emergency services and the teachers) were amazingly good. Who can forget the Firies doing the full monty, Kath and Kim strutting on stage, a doctor who brought Elvis back to life and so many more fantastic skits.

The last show enabled the setting up of a cancer information office at the Government Centre, and the wages of that officer over two years.

Rotary Katherine is also on the committee of the Katherine Cancer Group and we look after their bank account.

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