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Members who have passed

2020 has been a sad year as we have lost two long term members - Don Smith and Bob Mackie.

Don Smith was born in Australia and served in the Royal Australian Air Force in Australia, Malayia and Korea.

 Bob Mackie was born in Scotland and served in the British RAF and  in Aden and Libya in his role as airfield construction before emigrating to Australia.

Bob and Don were the lynchpins of the Rotary Club of Katherine for many years and Bob was one of the charter members bringing the club into existence in 1977. 

Although not members of Rotary the wives of Bob and Don also worked tirelessly and we remember Edith and Shirley's huge contribution over many years.

Their tireless work resulted in so many projects that are popular today including the establishment of the Katherine Rotary Park. They and the other members at the time raised substantial funds as well as enormous good will  from businesses to create this gem in the north of Katherine..

Bob was responsible for the Garden Museums amongst so many projects too numerous to name.

Who can forget Don's 's bright and cheery presence at so many meetings where he was Sergeant at Arms and a wicked fines caller. He was also the man with the most knowledge for the International toast.

Bob was instrumental in bringing Work for the Dole schemes that helped young people gain new skills. He was a finalist in the Prime Minister's Work for the Dole Achievement Awards.

He was Santa at the Shopping Centre and after the Katherine Flood, Rotarians including Bob and Edith and Don and Shirley  achieved prominence for their good work.

Katherine Times has run a story -

In later years Bob turned his considerable skills into making furniture from pallets. He made some substantial tables that can be found at the Food ladder and the Rotary Food Hall at the Showground.

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